המועצה הדתית המרכזית (לבני מקרא) הקראים יוצאי רוסיה בגולה

The Central Religious Board is the Beit Deen Office of the once unofficial Central Spiritual Board (of the Russian Qara'im Abroad) for the Russian Qaraim Abroad. It exists as a service for Old Rus' Karaimite-Sabbatarians (Molokan-Subbotniki)to offer support by providing documents for births, brit milah (seminarians only), religious status, marriages, aliyah, divorces and funerals.

Old Rus' Karaimite Sabbatarians are confessed believers in the religious practice of Gazaria's Hebraic "Zera Yisrael" Old Judaists (Jewish by religion not ethnicity) once isolated in Russia & Eastern Europe. The Karaimite Sabbatarian (Russian Karaimite Abroad) "umma" consists of jammats from many nations (numbering around 30,000 people) displaying in one way or another a relationship to the religious identity and heritage of the "Russian Karaimites". Such Karaimite Sabbatarians are related only by either descent from and/or religious affiliation with the Karaimites / Karaimists / Karaimizers of the unique Karaimizm which originated in the Black Sea lands of Old Rus'. 

While the Polish-Lithuanian Karaites and Crimean-Egyptian-Israeli Karaites have long had high central religious boards of their own, there has long been a need for faithful Karaimite Sabbatarians (Subbotniki) of all origins to have in the same way one high central religious body for records concerning births, brit milah (seminarians only), religious status, marriages, aliyah, divorces and funerals. Thus, for Karaimite Sabbatarians wherever they live today (i.e. for the Russian Karaimite Abroad) a Congressional Board of Old Russian Karaimites appointed a CSBRQA to be the highest central religious body of the Karaimite Sabbatarian umma for all the descendants and/or affiliates of the Karaimite Sabbatarianism which originatied in the Former Russian Empire. 

Esteemed Firkovich's Board of the Religious Community of Lithuanian Karaimai (BRCLK) was always acknowledged under the unofficial and honorary title ЦЕНТРАЛЬНОЕ ДУХОВНОЕ ПРАВЛЕНИЕ РУССКИХ КАРАИМОВ ЗАГРАНИЦЕЙ being the Central Spiritual Board of the Russian Karaites (for the Russian Karaimite) Abroad. However, the CBORK became the only real administrative Beit Deen Office for the CSBRKA because the BRCLK did not handle that responsibility. Thus our central spiritual board for Russian Karaimites in diaspora was born. 

NB . CSBRK is a records office only for such religious affiliates (Караимствующие) as described on this site whether as Qaraite (Ezrakh) or Qaraimist (Ger). While accepting that spiritually, all Israel are brethren, whether Ger or Ezrakh, and acceptable proof of the Israelite identity is in nothing other than being shomer masoret, it never seeks to represent Judaized Alevis who became Kharijites, nor secular descendants of Judaized Gazarians (whether Кърымкъарайлар or Lithuanian Karaimai) lacking belief in Hakhan Kobecki's religion, nor the Mysterious Anatolian Turkic Sadduceeans known as Korahim, nor various other Sadduceeans who also call themselves Qaraitesnor Abyssinian Falashas, nor the Egyptian Karaites of Israel, nor the Aramaic Samaritans of Palestine. The CSBRQA is only for Karaimite Sabbatarians (the Russian Karaimites Abroad) alone.