The Bet Din handles applications for people who practice Russan (Subbotnik) Karaimism (Karaimut / Karaimizm / Karaimstvo) as practiced in pre-Bolshevik Russia not Sadducee Judaism nor Karaite Judaism which must instead be handled by the Universal Karaite Judaism organization.  

Please bare in mind that we may not be able to help applicants who only practice Alevian Turkic Karaitism to make Aliah and recommend such people to instead

Gaining Citizenship in Eretz Israel is not always completely straight forward. Nevertheless, it may be your fundamental "Zera Yisrael" right depending upon your circumstances. This Beit Din has successfully gained 5 people citizenship in Eretz Israel since 2014. In the first instance applicants should email their verifiable credentials and a cover letter introducing themselves to karaimites @ and one of our operators will be back in touch as soon as possible.

The CSBRKA's global center in Eretz Israel can only assist applicants in Citizenship applications handled from initiation to completion through the CSBRKA. 

Applicants from Karaimites all around the world are welcome including from the Qrimqaraylar Association in Simferopol, but this service is only for genuine Karaimites and not for Crimean Karaites who must apply only through the Evpatoria Kenesa