Jesus and Muhammad in Karaimism

HaNotzri, mentioned by Shapshal and the Karaimits of Babi Yar as the reincarnation of his uncle, the Christ of Christianity. Karaites regard the Christian New Testament to be corrupted and not telling the full story. Isaac Troki wrote a paper on its flaws. Karaites make a distinction between the Greek words Christos and Messias, accepting the reincarnated Jesus as a Christos but not as the Messias which Karaitea believe refers only to God's presence. 

Karaimit Subbotniks are required to adopt belief in the position of the traditional Karaite writers concerning Christ. Similarly, Shapshal taught us to respect the Quranic teachings but not to believe the Islamic back story as their "Muhammad" is not a Rasul but is Pasul to us. Our Muhammad has always been the Temple of God.