Okbarite Judaism

Karaite Sabbatarians is comparable to the Messianic Judaism of the Okbarites (Al-'Ukbariyyah) exemplified by Moses Al-'Ukbari

According to this tradition, Jesus and his disciples were Saints (Tzadikim) . They even accept tripartite theology specifying every sentient being, including God, as a trinity of body (incorporeal or not), psyche and spirit. Nevertheless they still hold that:
  1. Christ (מָשִׁיחַ‎)‎ is not the Samaritan Messias (מוֹשִׂיעַ)
  2. Only God is the Messias. 
  3. The arrival of the Messias is contemporaneous with the Resurrection of the dead.
Regarding the Dyophysite Christological mysticism that Christ was the head of the Church which continues to operate as the living body of the Son of Man on earth and that the Spirit of Christ's Body is none other than God the Messias which will be revealed at the end, the attitude among even the most Judaized (short of full convert) Gazarians has always been the same as Gamaliel's... "let's wait and see". Such Mysticism is not promoted but there is no prohibition against accepting it either. Indeed, Simhah Isaac Lutski was a famous Karaite Kabbalist who understood such mysteries. As for the Monophysite Christian position, the Karaites have always been unanimous in rejecting that.

But even if without Dyophysite Christological Mysticism, Karaite Sabbatarians are, afterall, still Christian Judaizers only. They are not Qaraite Jews. While Qaraite Jews must find ways to practice the Torah perfectly, Karaite Judaizers only think about substitutions which they consider valid thanks to the transformative achievements of Christ's life. While Rabbinical Judaism permits highly restricted substitutions on the authority of the Rabbonim, Karaite Sabbatarians take a very liberal approach to finding their own substitutions on the authority of Christ's transformative work ushering in the Brit Chadasha (New covenant).

Thus while Okbarite Jews are considered the best example of Judaism to follow, Karaite Sabbatarians have not abandoned the view of Christ as the initiator of Jeremiah's New Covenant. To abandon that would require becoming Gerim who are not recognized in Karaism leaving no alternative but full conversion to Judaism which, without Christ, is a step too far that Karaite Sabbatarians are not willing to take.