Subbotnik Karaimism was adopted by Dolmatov and a son-in-law of Ilarion Poberokhin (1720-1792) called Seme(o)n Matveev(ich) Uklein (1733-1809) in South Russia and by his disciple Sundukov of Dubovka in Saratov. 

There are four major kinds of Subbotniki:

a) Sundukov's Orthodox Subbotnik Jews (converts to the Palestinian Yerushalmi Minhag of Judah ben Tabbai's school), 
b) Uklein's circumcised Proper Karaimite-Subbotnik Russian Karaims (Russian Qaraims / Russian Karaites / Russian Qaraites)
c) Dolmatov's uncircumcised Part-Karaimite-Subbotnik Karimi-Karaitizers
d) the original distinct independent sect of Al-Kuzari called Nazireans (Netzarim). 

Types "b" and "c" constitute the Karaimite Subbotnik community. Uklein's type "b" circumcised Proper-Karaimites serve as Zera-Yisrael clerics to Dolmatov's type "c" other uncircumcised Part-Karaimites. This community does not ignore the Pharisees who sit in Moses's Seat. Sundukov's type "a" serve as the Orthodox Jewish overseers to this community. Anyone who ignores them is not a Karaimite. That is a fundamental difference between Subbotnik-Karaimism and Karaite Judaism.